Re-defining Our Dream Life

As kids, we often picture what our future will look like in our “dream life”. We imagine what our future partner/spouse will look like, how many kids we’ll have, what they’ll look like, what kind of house we’ll live in, and what our job will look like. For many of us, it’s this idyllic picture we hold that drives us forward. We try our best to make decisions that will match up with this picture in our mind. But what happens when we realize this may not be what we want at all?

I always knew eventually I wanted to run my own business, but in my head I had always pictured it would be when I was much older, after climbing to the top of the proverbial corporate ladder. As I was advancing in my career, I soon began to realize what life looks like when your sights are set on the top rung of the ladder, and suddenly, the overtime hours, corporate bureaucracy, and overwhelming stress were not at all the price I wanted to pay to reach that goal. Every minute at work felt like another small piece of me was slipping away. That’s when I started to envision my NEW dream life. The life I was slowly starting to realize was the one I really wanted to have. Here’s a snippet of what my new dream life looked like in my head:

– spend more quality time with my family and friends

– be more present (as in “actually enjoy the time you have instead of just going through the motions of life”)

– take real vacations (the kind I don’t have to work through) and much more of them

– be there to pick my son up from school/after-school care

– run a business that reflects my own values

– work from the comfort of home on my own schedule

The great thing about life, is that our dream can constantly change and evolve, as we learn more about what we do and don’t want. So as you look at your own dream life, think about what is working and what isn’t. Are there things you thought you wanted but now want to change? So change them. Set new goals for what your life can look like and then work to make it happen! It all starts with a dream…

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Nikki Lamb Tudico
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