Author:Nikki Lamb Tudico

When Storm Clouds Roll In…

In this thing called life, we all know it can’t always be sunny. Sometimes there are days it rains. And sometimes there are days it thunderstorms. And once in a blue moon, it thunderstorms for a week straight. It can’t be avoided or planned for....

Re-defining Our Dream Life

As kids, we often picture what our future will look like in our “dream life”. We imagine what our future partner/spouse will look like, how many kids we’ll have, what they’ll look like, what kind of house we’ll live in, and what our job will...

Welcome to the Black Sheep Academy flock!

Do the terms “Mondays”, “back to the grind” and “how much vacation time do you have left?” send you running for the hills? Perfect. You are in the right place! You are taking the first step towards forgetting all about them. Before embarking on my own journey...

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